Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters play a fundamental role in lubrication systems: the latter work through a fluid (oil) with certain cleaning characteristics; the oil can carry foreign elements that can damage the entire system.

Thus, it is essential to create a protective barrier for such waste particles and impurities: in this sense, hydraulic filters are designed to guarantee absolute filtration.

We offer a complete range of items for filtering hydraulic fluids and purifying mineral oils, also ideal for industrial and mobile applications. Our filter elements are particularly appreciated for their quality and reliability, they are interchangeable with the best brands around the world and finished with different materials such as paper, glass microfibre, filter cloths in stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and synthetic materials.

In particular, our offer includes:

  • Hydraulic in-line filters suitable for protecting the entire circuit or a single valve;
  • Hydraulic filters on the return used as safety and work filters with the aim of protecting the pumps and hydraulic circuits;
  • Various models of hydraulic filter;
  • Accessories such as: visual level indicators for fluids, pressure indicators and filler caps with vent.

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