Start Stop Batteries

The battery is the heart of the car’s electrical system. It takes care of powering the lights, the wipers and all the optional services of the vehicle, especially when the alternator is not in operation, or with the vehicle off.
However, the main function of the batteries remains that of starting the engine. Each time the engine is started, the battery delivers a considerable amount of electrical energy. While in normal vehicles this is generally only done once, in cars with Start and Stop technology there will be a greater expenditure of energy. Here then is that a normal battery will no longer be suitable.

It will therefore be necessary to consider a battery for start and stop.

Batteries for start and stop. Why is it needed?

Cars not equipped with start and stop technology are turned on only once. Once started, the alternator will power the electrical systems, with great savings on the use of the battery. In the case of start and stop, however, the situation is quite different. The battery is subjected here to much greater efforts, numerous starts and stops, without considering that in the shutdown phases, the various wipers, the car radio, the lighting and the various displays will rely on the battery.
To meet these new needs, innovative batteries have been devised, able to sustain much more efficiently the short journeys dotted with many starts and stops. The two most used technologies are EFB and AGM. While the first can be considered as the enhanced version of the traditional battery, the second is based on different procedures, which guarantee greater efficiency and duration.

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