Vacuum Filter and Ash Vacuum Filter

Cleaning products such as professional vacuum cleaners and household vacuum cleaners have a filtering system that has the function of retaining allergens and small particles – invisible to the human eye but potentially dangerous – which would be dispersed into the air causing problems and reactions. allergic in predisposed subjects.

A vacuum cleaner without a filtration system will not grant a complete cleaning job since it does not effectively capture mold, mites and pollen. Hence, a good filter is essential for both house cleaning and industrial interventions.

With competence and professionalism we offer a complete range of spare parts and vacuum filters of any model, brand or type. Our assortment includes both household vacuum filters as well as industrial vacuum filters and professional vacuum filters. In detail, the range includes:

  • Various models of paper vacuum cleaner filter;
  • Vacuum cleaner filters of polyester;
  • Filters in micro-stretched sheet metal baskets.

All the proposed models are available in different formats and different sizes to satisfy the most varied needs.

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We have a long experience in the supply of components, spare parts and vacuum cleaners filters, guaranteeing our customers high quality products and the best brands on the market. Based on specific needs, we help the customer to identify the suitable vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner filter and we also offer a complete and timely after-sales service.
Can’t find the product you are looking for? Contact us now: we are able to guarantee the availability or the quick recovery of any filter or spare part.