Brake Discs

The disc braking system is the most used method, if not the only one, for almost all types of wheeled motor vehicles. together with the pads, the discs constitute the fundamental component. Indeed, it will be thanks to the synergistic action of these two elements that safe and efficient braking will be ensured. By pushing on the disc, the pads generate the friction that slows the vehicle down.
Depending on the type of vehicle and model, the disc can vary in shape and size, and, depending on the technology chosen, in the material. These variables justify the fact that in different models of brake discs the cost can vary a lot.

Disc wear: how to notice it

In order to identify any disc problems, the first examination to be performed is the visual one. However, other methods are available that warn us more intrusively of some malfunction at this level.
Although more often due to the wear of the pads, the appearance of suspicious sounds during braking can inform us of the need to check the discs.
Even a suspicious sensitivity of the brake pedal, especially if combined with inefficient or different braking than usual, or the skidding of the vehicle, is certainly a sign that the problem goes beyond the normal maintenance of the pads.
The last aspect to take into consideration is the possible vibration of the car during braking.

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