Motor Vehicle Filters

We offer a wide variety of car filters, industrial vehicles and motorcycles capable of satisfying every need. The range includes the following types of filters: air, fuel, oil, pollen, LPG, gas and hydraulic for cars, trucks, earth moving machines, agricultural tractors but also for motorcycles and scooters.

Our filters for cars and industrial vehicles

We have a wide range of car filters is available to meet the needs of each vehicle model. Our stock includes:

  • Various models of car air filters, built with high quality materials to prevent particles (even the smallest ones, with dimensions of a few thousandths of a micron) from filtering into the cars, but also to prevent excessive wear of the engine and attenuate noises suction. An efficient air filter helps to improve engine performance and reduces fuel consumption: in fact, it does not only affect the quantity and quality of the air necessary for fuel combustion and the achievement of vehicle efficiency, but also affects engine levels. pollution. It is essential to check the condition of the car air filter regularly, replacing it at least every 20,000 km (or as indicated by the vehicle manufacturer).
  • Cabin air filters able to purify the air and protect the driver and passengers from harmful gases (such as nitrogen oxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide), soot and dust that can enter from the outside of the vehicle through the ducts of the heating and air conditioning. Various types of cabin air filters are available, such as the paper pollen filter – designed to block particles such as pollen but also bacteria, gases or exhaust fumes – and the activated carbon filter which not only retains fumes and particles but also stops odors. unsightly that can penetrate into the passenger compartment. To protect the health of passengers, it is essential to regularly replace the cabin filters (recommended replacement every 10,000 km).
  • Efficient car oil filters capable of ensuring cleanliness and fluidity of the engine oil, improving vehicle operation and extending the life of the engine. The various models of engine oil filter proposed allow you to purify the oil continuously, eliminating impurities, ashes, fine dust, abrasive metals and combustion residues.
  • Various models of latest generation car diesel filters which, by eliminating impurities and separating the water – with a high corrosive power – contained in the fuel, prevent the injection system of the diesel cycle vehicle from being damaged. If the car diesel filter is clogged, it can cause even complete interruption of the supply of fuel with consequent engine shutdown. It is therefore essential to provide for a periodic diesel filter change.

Our motorcycle filters

As for motorcycles, we offer various models of motorcycle air filters and motorcycle oil filters of the best brands. We also offer Motul oil for motorbikes, scooters, three-wheelers, ATVs and UTVs.