Vacuum Filters

We offer a wide range of dry air filters for machine tools and earthmoving, compressors and petrol engines, but also oil-bath air filters. These are extremely versatile products, suitable for working in absolute vacuum conditions and in particularly dusty environments.

Our Dry Air Filters

We offer dry air filters designed to ensure maximum protection from dust and suitable for use in machine tools and earthmoving, but also compressors and petrol engines.

These vacuum filters have three elements that ensure proper operation in all conditions and environments and for any type of use: a series of fins that centrifuge the sucked air, effectively eliminating most of the dust; a vent valve that allows the dust to be discharged to the outside; a filter cartridge that effectively retains all dust.
Our dry vacuum filters are made of both plastic and ferrous material and guarantee total protection from dust. Furthermore, they allow to limit the pressure drops and thus to reduce energy costs.

Our Oil Bath Filters

We offer a wide selection of oil bath vacuum filters, suitable for prolonged use in any type of environment and in particular in extremely dusty ones. In particular, they can be successfully mounted on agricultural and earth-moving machines, but they can also be installed on industrial machines and endothermic engines. In all these cases, these vacuum filters allow you to safeguard the machine, ensuring a longer life. Our oil bath filters are designed to best withstand any working condition and can be supplied with cap suction, cyclone pre-filter and silencers installed on blowers and vacuum generators. The internal mass of the oil bath filters ensures a high degree of filtration and a long service life, with the need for minimal maintenance. In fact, it is necessary to periodically check – based on the conditions of use – the level and quality of the oil, replacing it if necessary after washing the tray and the filter element.