Water Filters

Filtration is a fundamental treatment for using water available in nature, which – due to pollution and environmental degradation – can sometimes be dangerous for people’s health and safety. Therefore, it is possible, through the water filters, to perform specific treatments to make optimum water that would otherwise  not be suitable but also to discharge it; with a non-harmful impurities to the environment, or polluting substances due to industrial processes.

We offer a wide range of water filters that find multiple applications in the filtration and water treatment sector, offering ideal solutions for every need.

In particular, we have water filters for civil use that are ideal at the point of use and entrance to the house, industrial water filters that are perfect for specific technical applications, but also various models of pool filters.

In addition, our stock includes:

    • Cold water filters, i.e. containers for water filtration and treatment, suitable for filter cartridges with different configurations. These products are available in various heights and variations.
    • Hot water filters, i.e. containers specially designed to support high temperatures and available in various models and heights. These high temperature water filters are suitable for filter cartridges dedicated to use in hot water.
    • High pressures water filters and containers for filter cartridges in various models and different configurations, calibrated for high temperatures and high operating pressures.
    • High flow water filters, particularly suitable for severe operating conditions and for industrial applications. These water filters are able to offer maximum reliability and high performance.
    • Filters and containers for swimming pools, but also cartridges, anti-limescale systems and specific pool water softeners.
    • Containers with brass or stainless steel heads.
    • Self-cleaning water filters capable of effectively removing sediment from the surface of the cartridge, for automatic, simpler and more convenient filtration.