Batterie NBA

The NBA batteries available on Casa del Filtro vary in use, technology, and application. Browse through this section and discover all the models available for forklifts, trailers, photovoltaics and electric sweepers. Many areas of application for the same common denominators: quality, efficiency and reliability. Casa del Filtro is your NBA battery dealer in Brescia!

Gel batteries for cleaning sweepers

Our batteries for industrial floor sweepers are wide and varied, able to meet the different needs of those who use this type of machinery at all frequencies.

The gel batteries for floor cleaners are completely hermetic and therefore suitable for healthcare environments where cleaning, hygiene, sterility and safety are a first-rate requirement. You can use the machine in total peace of mind, optimally preventing the risk of acid leaks possible in other types of battery.

The life cycle of the batteries for the electric sweeper of this series is particularly long. For the entire duration of its use, it will keep the energy emission high, guaranteeing optimal performance. Finally, our batteries for floor cleaning machines have another great advantage: the absence of maintenance. If you install a floor cleaner battery of our production, you can forget about it until the next replacement.

NBA heavy traction batteries and batteries for electric forklifts in Brescia

In this area of ​​use, the battery has a particular impact on the yield and maintenance costs of the machine on which it is installed.

Our forklift batteries are durable and remain efficient throughout their life cycle. They are able to guarantee your forklift many hours of autonomy, during which the performance will remain unchanged until the charge is exhausted.

Our NBA traction batteries for forklifts are ideal for the application of all types of machinery intended for lifting and moving heavy materials such as pallet trucks and lifting platforms of all kinds, managing to guarantee maximum performance even in the case of weights and requests. very high energy.

To best understand which size and capacity is most appropriate for you, you will need to consider multiple factors before choosing your forklift battery. In addition to the dimensions required by the type of machine, or by the space available for the battery compartment, among the «external» factors to be considered we underline:

  • Frequency and distance of machine movements with load.
  • Frequency of lifting
  • Average weight of the loads to be lifted
  • Condition of the flooring on which the trolley will have to move
  • Condition of the maneuvering spaces in which the machine will have to move

A preventive consideration of all these aspects is therefore fundamental in order to better understand which dimensions and capacities are most appropriate to the case.

Choosing the right electric forklift battery is therefore particularly important because in addition to generating considerable savings on maintenance costs, the right battery efficiency and life will at the same time optimize your workflow.

Casa del Filtro now offers a customized sales service for forklift batteries in Brescia, aimed at the customer in all respects. You can contact us at any time to request a quote, to understand which model is best for you or simply to receive advice or assistance in replacing the forklift battery.

batterie e carica batterie

Light traction stationary batteries

As a RV(mobile home), the motorhome requires considerable energy effort. That’s why selecting the right battery is essential to ensure the energy independence you need.

In particular, the service battery of the trailer will perform the part of supplying and distributing the electricity needed to power the fridge, the water pump, the lights, the TV, and the power sockets. The inevitable feature of batteries for this type is slow discharge, i.e. its ability to supply current for a long time.

The normal versions installed on cars on the other hand are able to provide a very intense starting point necessary for the starter motor, but they do not play well in providing a constant discharge. In this type of use they would discharge very quickly.

Lightweight traction batteries for motorhomes are not unique, but you will need to select the one that is most appropriate for your case.

It will be necessary to identify the appropriate amperage, considering the overall energy absorption of the van services.

It is always advisable to choose an amperage of at least double that calculated, to always be sure not to run out of current. The possibility of not being able to fully charge the motorhome battery, the need to connect extra electrical devices, the substantial consumption of services such as the refrigerator, can in fact cause a sudden surge in energy needs. Furthermore, to keep the battery in good health, it is recommended to avoid letting it discharge more than 50%.

torage batteries for photovoltaics

The batteries for photovoltaic systems are the necessary evolution of the previous generation photovoltaic systems. They store the surplus electricity that the panels produce during the day. In plants of this type, the energy is intelligently distributed on different routes, depending on the needs and the type of project: it will go directly to the users for immediate consumption, or precisely in the storage battery for photovoltaic panels in case of surplus. Therefore, this new setup of the systems places the accumulator in a very important, if not primary, position. It will be thanks to its  energy storage capacities, the ways in which it releases energy, its duration over time and its maintenance that we will be able to really save on bills.

Here then is that choosing the right battery for photovoltaic panels is particularly important. The primary factor to consider is the average current consumption of the system to be powered, which will not be difficult to calculate exactly based on the meter or bills. Another aspect to consider is the technology used to make the battery.


batterie e carica batterie