Brake Pads

Brake pads are one of the key parts of the wheeled vehicle’s braking system. They consist of a metal base and a friction material that can vary in its composition depending on the technology chosen. It will be the friction material that, pressing on the disc, will generate the braking.
Each type of vehicle will have specific pads. In fact, motorcycles, trucks and cars do not mount the same ones, in turn varying according to the needs of the model.

Brake pad wear: when and how to notice it

To ensure maximum safety and braking efficiency, the pads must be replaced once the friction material is exhausted. The first non-trivial factor to consider, in addition to the possibility of damaging the other components of the braking system, is the jeopardy of driving safety, given the decrease in braking efficiency.
Depending on the case, different ways have been devised to report the wear of the brake pads:

  • A widely used system is the notch in the friction layer. Among the simplest, when the friction material reaches the end of the notch, it will be possible to understand at a glance the state of the component and therefore the possible need to replace it.
  • Another technique used is the insertion of a soft metal blade. Once the pads are finished, it will begin to come into contact with the brake disc producing the typical annoying warning squeal. The reed will not scratch the disc, but it will be good to replace the pads as soon as possible.
  • The last method used, more technological, is instead that through electrical contact. When contact with the brake disc occurs, a warning light will turn on on the dashboard.

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