Car and Industrial Batteries

We offer a wide range of batteries and chargers suitable for the most diverse uses. , our catalog includes:

  • Car batteries for any make and model;
  • Batteries for motorcycles and scooters;
  • Industrial batteries;
  • AGM batteries;
  • Gel batteries;
  • Battery chargers for multiple uses.

Car batteries, and motorcycle and scooter batteries

Our range of car batteries includes various models for different uses: from classic car batteries, to trailer batteries, but also tractor batteries, for truck and heavy-duty vehicles batteries. In further detail, our assortment includes:

  • Lead acid batteries and reduced maintenance, ideal for cars, trucks, 6/12 V earth moving machines;
  • Batteries and industrial electric battery chargers for traction batteries and lead-acid and gel.

We also offer lead acid and retained acid motor vehicle batteries for all types of 6/12 v motorcycles, from 1.2 AH up to 200 AH.

Are you looking for particular models, such as specific cars batteries and motorcycles or batteries for agro machinery? Contact us now: thanks to our large warehouse we are able to satisfy every need and, if necessary, we can find the item you want in a short time.

Our industrial batteries

We have a wide range of heavy-traction batteries for forklifts, which can be supplied as loose elements or assembled in fertilized bins with centralized automatic topping up. Our range of industrial heavy-traction batteries includes:

  • SGH standard tubular plate batteries series, in accordance with DIZ PNS;
  • Heavy duty tubular plate elements HDN series, according to DIN PZSH;
  • Lead acid batteries for any application that requires a high density energy source.

Moreover, we offer an assortment of light traction batteries for industrial use that includes special products with 6/8/12 V – 36/425 AH tubular positive plates, whose production is carried out following the criteria used in the construction of high power traction accumulators.

batterie e carica batterie

A wide variety of AGM batteries

AGM batteries are compact, very resillient to mechanical stress and so resistant that they can also be used for military purposes. They can be mounted in any position and can also be used at high altitudes or in the sea, managing best in high temperatures.

Thanks to their very high starting currents, AGM batteries are suitable for starting engines; in addition, they have a low self-discharge and a high amperometric yield during charging.

Compared to normal lead acid batteries, these batteries have a lower internal resistance, hold a more constant voltage and charge faster.

AGM batteries are also very safe: in case of a rupture of the container, acid leakage is limited; Furthermore, thanks to the division of the glass fiber plates, there is no danger of a short circuit between one cell and another. These batteries are maintenance-free and have an average lifespan of 10 years.

Our assortment includes: car AGM batteries, motorcycle AGM batteries, AGM batteries for campers and AGM batteries for photovoltaics.

Gel Batteries

Hermetic gel batteries are entirely composed of gelatinized acid and lead plates that are more delicate and damaged over time: if charged and discharged several times – due to the temperature difference that is generated inside them – the gel inside them solidifies and they become unusable. However, these batteries are capable of delivering high performance.

Our range includes: motorcycle gel batteries, car gel batteries and photovoltaic gel batteries.

batterie e carica batterie