Starting Bull Series Truck & Car Batteries

In addition to batteries for cars and scooters, Casa del Filtro also offers you a wide range of batteries for starting trucks and for uses with high energy demand.
The truck batteries of this series are functional, robust, easy to maintain, with extraordinary performances and a refined design.
Browse the section and select the model that best suits you.

Buying batteries for trucks and cars: choosing the right product

Before purchasing, make sure you read the information within the booklet of your vehicle. There are several parameters that you will have to take into consideration when choosing the right battery we remember:

  • Dimensions: this may seem like a trivial indication, but the availability of space in the compartment of your vehicle is the first element to take into consideration. So first you need to make sure you buy a battery that can fit in it.
  • The Capacity: it must correspond to that indicated in the vehicle registration document, to be sure that the energy it is able to supply is sufficient. It is important to consider that batteries with Ah slightly higher than that indicated in the booklet will perform the purpose very well, if not better.
  • Cold test current: This value indicates the maximum power peak that the battery is capable of reaching when the vehicle is switched on, even at temperatures below -18ºC. Higher values ​​correspond to better efficiency in the activation of the starter motor. However, it is not recommended to choose a battery with a too high Inrush Current. The right power must correspond to approximately 8 times the amperage of the Capacity. The Starting Bull series is rigorously tested from this point of view, to ensure unparalleled performance even at particularly low temperatures.
  • The date of manufacture: in fact, for guaranteed efficiency, it is important that the battery has been manufactured no later than 6 months. With the passage of time, and with the inactivity, you would risk buying a new product on paper, but not usable.