Compressor Filters

We offer a wide range of rotary screw and vane filters compressors, all of high quality. In further detail, our stock includes:

  • Various air/oil separator models.
  • Air Compressor filters;
  • Screw-on oil filters

Our Air Oil Separators

We offer various models of air oil separators for screw-on and rotary vane compressors and for vacuum pumps. These filters can be applied either vertically or horizontally, but screw-in compressor filters are also available.

Inside a compressor, the oil is mixed with compressed air to lubricate the pumping unit of the same. The air oil separator, or oil separator filter, allows you to separate the oil from the compressor air, collecting the lubricant on the bottom and allowing the compressed air to continue to the tank. The air-oil separator models we offer are designed to last for a long time, built with resistant materials that guarantee long life and resistance to corrosion; they are also compatible with mineral and synthetic lubricants.