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A wide choice of filters to meet the demands of all vehicle models

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A wide range of batteries and changers for cars, motorcycles and industrial vehicles.

Spare parts for trucks and trailers

An ample selection of high quality spare parts for trucks and trailers

Car oil, additives, & Motorcycle oil

A wide range of oils and additives for cars, motorcycles and industrial vehicles

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Spare Parts for Trucks and Trailers

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Car and Industrial Batteries

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Start Stop Baterries

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NBA Batteries

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Starting Bull Series Truck & Car Batteries

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Brake Discs

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Water Filters

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Vacuum Filters

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Motor Vehicle Filters

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Hydraulic Filters

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Compressor Filters

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Filters For Ventilation Systems

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Filter Bags & Sleeves

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Oil, Additives and Wipers

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Brake Pads

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Our Company

We have been the filtration and battery specialists since 1979. With professionalism and competence we are committed to offering a valid solution to any filtration or energy problem. We offer a complete range of interchangeable filter elements which includes ventilation filters, filters for cars, motorcycles and vehicles of any type, hydraulic filters, filter bags and sleeves, filters for vacuum cleaners and water filters. Our offer is completed with an assortment of car and motorcycle batteries, specific industrial batteries for technical applications, AGM and GEL batteries and finally battery chargers for the appropriate recharging of these devices.
We have a flexible and timely commercial structure that allows us to effectively satisfy the most varied market demands. We have a large warehouse with a wide availability of products that allows us to guarantee a quick delivery of any filter or battery.

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Efficiency and Professionalism

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Constant Customer Service

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Fast Delivery of Products Guaranteed

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Excellent Guidance

Forklift Battery Assistance

We offer a professional assistance and battery charging service for forklifts, even offering the possibility of leasing you a replacement forklift.

The ideal solution for every filtration need

Our catalogue consists of filters suitable for the most varied applications. Did you want to get cleaner and healthier air at home as in the industrial environment? Our ventilation filters are the ideal solution: we offer you an assortment of filters for air conditioning systems of any type, brand or model, for car air conditioners but also for hoods and fume extraction systems.

Did you know that replacing your vehicle’s filters is crucial to ensure a perfect operation? On our site you will find a wide range of cars filters and industrial vehicles filters which includes air, cabin, oil and diesel filters, but also various models of motorbikes filters.

filtri ventilazione
mann filter

On the other hand, hydraulic filters are indispensable in lubrication systems. Our assortment includes: in-line hydraulic filters to protect the entire circuit or a single valve; return hydraulic filters used to preserve hydraulic pumps and circuits; various models of hydraulic filter; various accessories such as visual level indicators for fluids, pressure indicators and filler caps with vent.

In all those work contexts where effective dust filtration is required, the ideal solution is one of our filter bags or bag or pocket dust collectors, available in the dedicated section of our website.

We also offer paper and polyester filters for vacuum cleaners, ideal for domestic or industrial use. Finally, our offer is completed with a wide choice of water filters for the most varied uses: we offer, in fact, cold and hot water filters, containers for high pressures and high flow rates, filters for swimming pools, self-cleaning filters and containers with heads in brass or stainless steel.

Indispensabili negli impianti di lubrificazione sono invece i filtri oleodinamici. Il nostro assortimento comprende: filtri idraulici in linea per proteggere l’intero circuito o una singola valvola; filtri idraulici sul ritorno usati per preservare pompe e circuiti idraulici; vari modelli di filtro idraulico; diversi accessori come indicatori visivi di livello per fluidi, indicatori di pressione e tappi di riempimento con sfiato.
In tutti quei contesti di lavoro in cui è necessaria un’efficace filtrazione della polvere la soluzione ideale è una delle nostre maniche filtranti o dei nostri filtri depolveratori a sacco o tasca, disponibili nella sezione dedicata del nostro sito.
Offriamo anche filtri in carta e poliestere per aspirapolvere, ideali per l’utilizzo domestico o industriale. Infine, la nostra offerta si completa con una vasta scelta di filtri acqua per gli utilizzi più svariati: proponiamo, infatti, filtri per acqua fredda o calda, contenitori per alte pressioni ed elevate portate, filtri per piscine, filtri autopulenti e contenitori con testate in ottone o in acciaio inox.